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The McMurray Enhanced Airway (MEA) is the first distal pharyngeal airway (DPA). The MEA is indicated for oral use to relieve upper airway obstruction, to provide apneic oxygenation during intubation, or to provide intraoral ventilation with assistance during difficult mask ventilation. It is a simple but effective option for opening the airway quickly to reduce hypoxia during anesthesia or emergencies to improve patient safety and outcomes.

McMurray Enhanced Airway Trial

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  • The DPA is disposable and designed for single use. The MEA is free of latex, DEHP, BPA, and PVC materials. The MEA is non-sterile. It can be utilized in​ inpatient or outpatient surgery​,​ in hospital or clinic settings, or in an emergency setting. 


    MEA Design: The MEA has five parts (as pictured below): an optional 15 mm connector, flange (color-coded for size), elongated cushioned bite block, flexible cannula, and distal tip.

    The MEA size 4 (yellow flange) corresponds to the patient population that would typically use a size 9, 90 mm, yellow oral airway.


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