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Female Nurse

Wow! This could change clinical practice. Plus, it is easy to place and no lubrication or tongue depressor needed.

Kelley | CRNA

Male Doctor

I've used the MEA with the connector in 'plastics' cases and it works great! The surgeon loved that the procedure could be done under deep MAC with a reduced fire risk.

Logan | CRNA

Nice Nurse

Loved it! I have been promoting the MEA to all my fellow CRNA's.

Sarah | CRNA

Healthcare Workers

 My colleagues and I are very excited about the MEA and wish to order more ASAP.

Carson | MD

Pink Uniform Doctor

I was 'rescued' yesterday by a difficult mask ventilation due to thick beard, the MEA worked like a charm! 

Annette | CRNA


The MEA device pulled us out of having to intubate again.

Sandi | CRNA

Young Male Nurse

Greatest adjunct to anesthesia since sliced bread!!!

Wayne | CRNA

Young Doctor

We did an EGD in the unit the other day. When I arrived the sat was 58, even before sedation. I was able to pop the MEA in and bag him to 100 without difficulty in seconds! (I keep one in my pocket).   

Joanna | CRNA


The MEA airway is fantastic with on TAVAR patients! I would use it on every deep sedation case – excellent.

Rebecca | CRNA

Smiling Male Doctor

(I) used the MEA with an acute stroke patient under semi-deep sedation for a thrombectomy and it worked very well. The radiologists likes to avoid intubation so the MEA is a good option.

Luke | MD

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