Introducing a Revolutionary  Pharyngeal Oral Device 

The McMurray Enhanced Airway (MEA) is a new pharyngeal oral airway that can be used in multiple healthcare settings. The MEA is a fast and easy solution to stent open the pharyngeal tissue beyond the tongue. 

Redesigned for today

The MEA is designed to comfortably and safely maintain a patient’s airway. This device was designed by an anesthesia professional to address the issues with current airway devices.

The (MEA) an innovative multimodal airway designed to help improve safety, outcomes, provider satisfaction and reduce healthcare costs. 

  • Fast and easy to use

  • Effectively maintains airway

  • Avoids nose bleeds 

  • Relieves difficult mask ventilation 

  • Secure placement 

  • Works with EGD bite blocks


Oral airways have not been significantly redesigned in nearly 100 years. The MEA incorporates new features designed specifically to eliminate issues associated with traditional airway usage.

Made in the USA.

McMurray Enhanced Airway (MEA)



How it works

A Diagram showing how the MEA oral airway improves patient comfort.
EGD Bite Block.png

Increases Patient Comfort

  • Soft, flexible material helps to eliminate sore, scratchy throats compared to the hard and rigid traditional oral airway

  • Longer, softer, and smaller in diameter compared to traditional oral airways, the MEA allows for a more comfortable method to eliminate an upper airway obstruction.

  • Decreases the need for a chin lift or jaw thrust, reducing postoperative chin and jaw discomfort

  • Increased ability to breathe with ease by eliminating upper airway obstruction 

  • Easy to place alongside an upper endoscopy bite block.

Reduces Airway Risks

  • Provides a patent airway to improve patient oxygen saturation 

  • By using the optional 15 mm connector with the anesthesia circuit, the longer airway delivers oxygen closer to the lungs and away from the surgical area, reducing fire risk

  • Large flange reduces risk of the airway dislodging

  • Elongated shock-absorbing bite block shifts the bite to the molars, decreasing risk of dental damage 

Improves Provider Satisfaction

  • Easy to insert, with no need for lubricant or tongue depressor

  • Easy to size: Flange color corresponds to patient population that would typically use an oral airway of the same color 

  • Decreases the need for a chin lift or jaw thrust, keeping providers' hands free for other tasks​

  • Offers an alternative method to improving oxygen saturation during routine or difficult mask ventilation


What People Say

MaryAnn | Patient

"This time when I had my second total knee replacement (under spinal and deep MAC), my chin and throat did not hurt and I wasn't hoarse for days."


 Logan | CRNA

"I've used the MEA with the connector in a number of 'plastics' cases and it works great!  The surgeon loved that the procedure could be done under deep MAC with a reduced 

fire risk."

Sarah | CRNA

"Loved it! I have been promoting the MEA  to all of my fellow CRNA's"

Kelley | CRNA

"Wow! This could change clinical practice. Plus, it is easy to place and no lubrication or tongue depressor needed."





McMurray Medical was founded on the desire to bring a novel, and much needed, solution to oral airway management.  

Indications & Instructions for Use

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